Sen Controls E813


The Sen Controls 813 is a din-rail mount Solar controller for a domestic water heating system. It is designed to be used as differential temperature controller to control a solar collector and maximum 2 storage tanks subject to the chosen operating mode.
The controller is able to control an auxiliary heating (boiler or electric) elements to provide supplementary heat. Users can program the required time schedule to automatically start-stop the auxiliary heating.
The unit provides 4 operating modes for users to choose from. A preventive measure is built in to prevent error from occurrence whilst in selecting the required operating mode. Graphic of each required mode that will be shown on the LCD of the unit is described in manual.

solar collector pump, additional heat source
Power supply
230 V 50 Hz
Rated load
7 A 230 V 50 Hz (output A)
16 A 230 V 50 Hz (output B)
Rated power consumption
0,8 W
230 V 50 Hz relay
Temperature measurement range
-40°C…+250°C (solar collector)
-10°C…+110°C (tanks)
Tank temperature control range
Temperature control accuracy
Temperature reading accuracy
Temperature control hysteresis

Status visualization
backlit LCD, LED diodes
Operating temperature range
Storage temperature range
IP rating
IP 30
white, RAL9003
Mount method
wall-mounted, wall cabinet
161 / 293 g (without/with wall cabinet)
Dimensions (W/H/D) mm
52,5/85/61 (without the cabinet)
Packing list
Sen Controls E813 controller, 3 temperature sensors, instructions, mounting bracket, wall cabinet, wall plugs


Sen Controls E813
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Decleration of conformity
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How to use 
Step by step setting and using the thermostat (settings, …)
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