Saswell SAS922FHL-7


Saswell SAS922FHL-7 is a new modern design digital programmable in-wall thermostat for electric underfloor heating, with a big 4″ LCD screen with touch screen buttons and has an option of using underfloor sensor (included in package). 


  • Programming for 7 days with 6 daily programs (user set temperatures and time)
  • Programming for each day itself
  • Big 4″ LCD screen with touch buttons
  • Showing current room temperature and day of week and set temperature or current time, when turned on
  • Holiday / away mode with custom permanent set temperature
  • Temperature calibration option
  • Automatic anti-freezing option
  • Automatic settings save option if power is lost
  • Smart adaptation feature that enables the thermostat to learn how much time is needed to achieve the desired room temperature and starts with preheat so that you get a warm home on your desired temperature

Power supply:
Thermostat: AC 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz

Settings and other specs:
Temperature set from 5°C to 35°C
External sensor temperature: 5°C to 70°C
Accuracy ±0.1°C
Temperature display 5°C to 40°C
Ambient temperature 0°C to 50°C
Warehouse temperature -10°C to 60°C

Thermostat 86mm x 86mm x 13mm

Thermostat: Imax 16A (3600W)

Underfloor sensor (NTC100K – included in package)

Compliant with  RoHS, CE


Saswell SAS922FHL-7 (thermostat)
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Declaration of conformity
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English language (UK)
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Youtube presentations

How to use 
Step by step setting the thermostat (setting programs, settings, …)
Use wheel on the youtube player to change the subtitles.