Saswell Underfloor Heating Systems

Saswell offers control boxes and thermostats for controling your water underfloor heating System. Two models of underfloor central strips are available.
Smaller model for use with up to 5 thermostats (SCU210) and a bigger model with up to 8 thermostats (SCU209).

Electrical underfloor system

Saswell has one specific thermostat that can be used for electric underfloor heating system. With 16A relay (max 3600W) can control all of the electrical mats or oter devices that use high power source. Options of using only an underfloor sensor, which is included in the package, using only the internal air temperature sensor or using bot of the combined. A lot of options and a new design of the thermostat with touch screen buttons will be your way to go with our Saswell SAS922FHL-7 thermostat.